Milky Sands was founded in 2019 by me, Brookelyn Carter, in my hometown on the mid-north coast of Australia. I was a Yoga Teacher at the time, with the purpose of helping women connect with their bodies and empower self love. I began incorporating this into my art and that's when Milky Sands was born! Our mission and values with Milky Sands have grown and evolved over the last 2 years. 

Milky Sands Mission:

1. Zero Waste :  To leave our mark on the world - Not Mother Earth. 

2. Community : Unite women through awareness, support and empowerment. 

3. Slow Fashion : Create ethical, handmade and high-quality products with love. 

4. Self love : Empower women to love their unique and beautiful bodies. 

Milky Sands Values:

1. Being yourself is your greatest gift! Don't be afraid to follow your heart and be who you are.  

 2. Treat the earth the way you would your own body! Everything we put into our bodies, the air we breath, the water we drink, the food we eat is from our Mother Earth. So let's keep it clean and healthy.  

 3. Alone you can move a rock, together we can move a mountain! A community of women with the purpose to heal and support is an unstoppable force.  

 4. You are more than your body Your worth is not measured by your appearance, weight or size, but by the love you give, the kindness you share and the lives you change.  

 5. Your voice deserves to be heard Raise your voice and leave your mark on the world.