Brookelyn Carter - Founder and Owner of Milky Sands

Milky Sands began in early 2019 when I was living back home in Australia. A practicing Yoga Teacher at the time, my purpose was helping women love and connect with their beautiful bodies.  My aim was in changing the idea of health and well-being from being a reflection of your body, shape or size to instead be about your mindset: how we think and feel.  

Art had always been a large part of my life but a part I preferred to keep somewhat secret from the world. I began incorporating my passion for empowering self love into my art and realized if I wanted to make an impact I was going to have to overcome my fears and share my art with the world. 

Milky Sands was created with two graphics: my "Check Your Melons" graphic and a couple months later my "Boob Equality" graphic. With $20 in my bank account, I bought an organic cotton tee from Target and a few Posca fabric markers. I hand drew every t-shirt order I received for the first 6 months of Milky Sands. 

In July 2019 I moved to Canada and relaunched Milky Sands in a new country.  Over the past 1.5 years Milky Sands has grown so much not just as a business but as an amazing community of women! Milky Sands is a warm, loving and support community filled with incredible women. Women I am so grateful to have connected with 🖤