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Journal Entry - Returning to self through nature

  I think all I've ever wanted since I was little was to be around magic - to live somewhere magical, where the faeries live and the trees listen. Where animals are abundant and butterflies and dragonflies fill the air. Where flowers with faces smile at you as you pass by!   I seek magic in nature everywhere I go! But here feels dead. Here it feels there's nothing ancient or wild enough for natures magic to come through. Here nature has been cut back, fenced off and littered.    I need to feel like I could get lost in nature, go off the path, feel the hum of life vibrating around me. Smell the air when it's so fresh...

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Journal Entry - Letting go of unwanted habits/ beliefs

  I feel that a mindset and a belief are two very different things, well at least they can be. I can do all the self development, healing, journalling, mantra repeating I want to change my mindset but if I’m not going deep and into my belief then nothing will change. A mindset is a result of a belief, but in itself is not our beliefs. What does your mindset tell you about your beliefs? This morning I realized that I am still carrying the burden of programmed beliefs which are limiting me. I've been allowing these beliefs to turn into mindsets, then thoughts, then actions. And surprise surprise, these actions don't align with my desires. Desires and beliefs can...

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